This is the incredible moment a Parkinson’s sufferer’s tremors are stopped in a matter of seconds thanks to a pioneering new treatment.

A device which stop the tremors in second.

A Man is hooked up to an impressive new machine which promises to halt tremors and reduce symptoms for those with the condition.

The doctor presses a button that kickstarts the machine and within seconds his tremors stop and he describes how calm he feels.

This amazing transformation could give new hope to Parkinson’s patients and ease their symptoms.

The treatment is called the Deep Brain Simulator, and is manufactured by Medtronic and produced by the NeuroMedical Centre in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles.

BS therapy uses a surgically implanted device, similar to a cardiac pacemaker, to stimulate certain areas of the brain.

This can stop motor symptoms, such as tremors, and improve the quality of life for patients.

It was also revealed that the man in the video, called Mr Richardson, has been able to come off his daily medication thanks to the amazing treatment.

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