When a Michigan boy told his mother that he didn’t have any friends to invite to his birthday party, she created a Facebook page to surprise him.

The page called “Happy Birthday Colin” got immediate response.

It all started when his mother Jennifer asked her son what he wanted to do on his birthday.

He replied, “Mom, who am I going to invite? I don’t have any friends.”

That broke Jennifer’s heart.

Colin will turn 11 on March 9.

According to WOOD-TV, Colin was diagnosed last year with a sensory processing disorder and another disorder similar to autism.

Jennifer said many kids don’t understand him, so she decided to start the Facebook page so people could wish Colin a happy birthday.

She did not expect anything extraordinary.

As of Wednesday morning, the Facebook page had more than 1 million likes.

Among the million Facebook likes are birthday greetings, words of inspiration and stories of how others are struggling in some way.

Some even offer to be his best friend.

It started out as a silly page to help her son feel better, but grew into much more.

Colin still hasn’t seen the page, but Jennifer says she will surprise him with it on his birthday.

If you want to get more personal, Jennifer said she has also set up a P.O. Box for Colin’s new friends to send him letters. It’s listed below:

P.O. box 756
Richland, MI 49083-0756

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