So my birth pretty much went the opposite of everything I was planning. I wanted a natural birth with no drugs, wanted to walk around and use a bouncing ball for contractions and breathing techniques. I wanted my hubby to cut the cord and I wanted to hold my son as soon as he came out. It seemed to be going that way for me to. I had the perfect pregnancy with no complications or bad symptoms. The doctors were very pleased with my progress and my son was growing well on schedule. My 36 week checkup went by and I was GBS negative.

Then my hands and feet began swell. I didn’t think anything of it because I read that lots of women get swelling during pregnancy. I began having problems sleeping because my heart was pounding so loud at times, especially when I was relaxed. My little guy stopped having the hiccups, which worried me because he had been having them steadily for weeks. I went in for my 37 week appointment and the first thing my OB asked when she walked in the room was if I was experiencing any swelling. I said yes, in my hands and feet. She took my blood pressure twice than left the room. A few moments later she walked in and asked if I knew what preeclampsia was. I said yes. She told me my blood pressure was unusually high compared to my normal readings and they had found protein in my urine. She was putting me on bedrest and sending me to the hospital L&D for and NST and bloodwork. I was put off and feeling a little scared. Off to the hospital we went

I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and they took my blood. I also gave a urine sample. The NST did not go as well as they wanted. It was my little one’s sleep time at the time of day though so he wasn’t all that active. We were at the hospital for 6 hours wondering on when I would get to go home when the nurse told me the on call OB for the hospital wanted to talk to me. My OB had also arrived at the hospital to talk to me. They came in and told me that they were going to keep me overnight at the hospital because my bloodwork did not come out very well (I didn’t find out until later what was wrong with my blood). I was also to do a 24hr urine test while at the hospital. I was feeling a little numb and my husband was in near tears. He didn’t want to leave me at the hospital but he had to leave at 8pm. He came back with some stuff for me to do in the mean time while I was at the hospital.

All night I had blood pressure tests. I was testing over 140/90. At times I was 160/100. I wanted to go home and I was worried about my LO. The next day at the hospital was uneventful. My Hubby came by with the laptop and we watched some stuff on YouTube and generally hung out until he had to leave. I was hoping I could go home that day but they were waiting until the next day when they got the results of my urine test. That night sometime around 2am or so my blood pressure spiked high and I was feeling very dizzy and my vision was blurry. I called the nurse and they decided to put me on Labetalol (which I am still taking) to help keep my BP down. They called my OB and told her what was going on. I must have had about 4 blood tests by this time.

The next day the on call OB at the hospital came to see me. Apparently my OB had been calling and pushing a specialist to see me since I was admitted and it took them until then to see me. I was told that they have very low tolerance to keep a baby inside someone in my condition when they were at 37 weeks or later. They recommended and induction to me. I felt numb. I wasn’t expecting to deliver my baby so soon. My blood pressure was not going to go down until he was delivered, and my blood platelets were so low, and there was something wrong with my liver. If I didn’t deliver I was going to suffer some serious complications. So I said ok and called my hubby and mom. I was whisked off to the assessment room to get gel on my cervix to help soften it up. I was closed up tight. I went back to my room and waited for 6 hrs when they would put another dose of the gel in me to get my body on the road to labour.

During that wait I began having contractions, strong contractions. When they were going to put the gel in again they seen on the fetal monitor how strong my contractions were. I didn’t think to much of them because I was told the early contractions would feel like menstral cramps. My cramps had always been very severe so I thought it was normal. Apparently not. I was told that it was time to break my water. I was dazed as they sent me to the birthing room. It was happening so fast. I needed two IV’s in me and it took 4 tries to get them in. I ended up having 3 IV stands around me, I don’t know all what was in them except for the magnesium sulphate to prevent me from progressing to eclampsia. I had a BP monitor hooked up to me going off every 15 minutes. I was getting so stressed about the readings they turned the monitor where I couldn’t see them. My BP kept climbing. The last reading I seen was 180/104. The doctors asked if I wanted any pain killers. I said no. It wasn’t for 3 hrs that I finally decided to have some of the drugs. The doctor suggested I take something because the pain of the contractions could be raising my BP. I took a shot of demerol in the but. I bleed quite a bit from the pin prick due to my lack of platelets. The demerol didn’t work very well. It made me very drowsy but didn’t stop the pain. I think it made my condition worse. I remember slurring some words.

Through this I was successfully breathing through my contractions but they were getting stronger. My BP was so dangerously high that the doctors pulled my family out of the room to discuss and epidural. Me and my husband were very much against one and they knew it. The drug in the epidural naturally lowers BP they said and it would help me relax enough to dilate. I had only dilated to 6cm at this point and they needed me to get to 10 asap or it would be a Csection for me. After some talk I agreed to have one. The technician who came to give it to me looked stressed. She had just came from OR and I assume whatever happened there did not go well. The epidural went in fine. I was so used to being pricked that the idea of the needle did not phase me at all. So I felt relief from the contractions, but only for about 2 hrs. Then the pain came back just as bad if not worse than before. A technician came up and added more drugs to the epidural to strengthen it but I felt nothing. All night I suffered through strong contractions until another technician came to see me in the morning and checked my epidural. It had popped out of my back at some point in the middle of the night! There was blood all over my sheets due to my lack of clotting platelets. This fellow put another epidural in my back and I felt relief again from the pain. This time I didn’t move as much, and the epi stayed in.

Not too long after that they checked my cervix again. I was only at 8 cm. The doctors could see that I wasn’t doing so well. They were giving me a timeline of a couple of hours to dilate or they may have to do a csection. A csection was worst case scenario for me due to the clotting problem I was having. The doctors did not want me to have one. About an hour later they came in again and the on call OB said to everyone that if I did not dilate in 20 minutes it was off to OR with me. The other OB checked my cervix and I was at 9.5cm. So the first OB said time to push.

I got to pushing and it took and hour and a half for me son to arrive. His heartrate dropped to 72 during the last few moments of the push so my OB cut me to get him out asap. He was also covered in meconium so they had to clean him up. I couldn’t hold him right away and the doctors were concerned about my placenta because it hadn’t delivered yet. It took about 5 minutes to get it out of me. My LO’s Apgar score was 3 at first but his second was 9. I got to hold him for a few minutes before they took him to the nursery. He was fine it was me they were worried about. I was transfered to birth room 3. I was there for a night. I breastfed my LO about 8 hrs after he was born. That went well. We ended up having a private room at the hospital because it would be less stressful for my BP. My platelets went up and my liver got better. I got to leave 3 days later with my LO. I am still on BP medication but everything is going well.

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